Creating users in SimaPro Multi-User via Import Wizard

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Creating a lot of users in the multi-user environment manually is tedious work and may take a lot of time. This is where the Import Wizard comes in handy. This feature offers the creation of new users with some additional options quickly. If you want to have greater flexibility in creating users and assigning projects, please use the Import users from Excel function.

The following steps explain how to  import users via Import Wizard:
  1. Create user names. You can do this manually or you can import a list of user names from Excel in XLS/XLSX format. The file should contain a list of user names in the first column (A) of the first worksheet. The first column must have a header "User name". No empty cells between user names are allowed.
  2. Choose an existing user type that will be assigned to each of the new user names that are created.
  3. Select which projects the user can open. This can either be from the existing projects or from the new project. 
  4. Create a password for each new user. There are 3 options for this: 
    • Passwords from Excel file: This option is only available if you imported an Excel file to supply the user names and this file also contained the passwords. If SimaPro detects these passwords this option is automatically selected. If you choose option 2 or 3 these passwords will be ignored.
    • Generate passwords: If this option is chosen SimaPro will generate passwords of 6 characters by using a random generator to select a number of upper and lower case alphanumeric characters, numeric characters and special characters.
    • No passwords: If this option is chosen all users will get an empty password which means they don't have to enter a password when logging in.
  5. Generate users
    • Generate users: choose this if all needed options were specified. If you want to add more options, you only need to choose ''Export user specifications'' and then subsequently use Import Users from Excel (link) to generate new users and projects
    • Export user specifications: choose this if you let SimaPro generate the password. In any other case, this option is not compulsory. 
  6. Click Finish. After a confirmation message, users will be created and or export the data to Excel

You can find more extensive information about this topic in the Help File in SimaPro by clicking F1. For the basic overview of user management in SimaPro and other tips and tricks, please refer to this page