Creating users in SimaPro Multi-User by Importing from Excel

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An alternative way to create multiple users all at once other than via Import Wizard is to use the ''Import Excel'' feature. This gives you even greater flexibility with more freedom to create individual options per user. 

Using the Import Excel feature, you can define: 
  • Users and passwords
  • A specific User Type per created user
  • The creation of one or more new projects for a user
  • Access to multiple existing projects
  • Set the library selection for new and existing projects
  • Define the default impact assessment method and associated Normalization and Weighting (NW) set for each project.

The steps by steps to import users using this feature are outlined as follows: 
  1. Check the formatting
    • SimaPro uses the first worksheet in the Excel file. The worksheet must start with a header with the field definitions as below. Only the first three fields are mandatory, namely User name, Password, and User type, the rest are optional. Header fields import user
  2. Fill the spreadsheet
    • An example spreadsheet called "ExampleUserSpecifications.xls" is installed in the SimaPro multi-user client software directory. The default loaction is:C:\Program Files (x86)\SimaPro Multi userr\Userdata\Excel\ExampleUserSpecifications.xls). You can also use the Import Wizard to create a basic template you can adapt. When doing so, make sure that in the final step, you do not generate users and only save the results to Excel. 

  3. Import the spreadsheet to SimaPro
  • Under Tools > User management > Users, click Import from Excel
  • Browse to the directory where you have saved the spreadsheet
  • Click the Import button
  • If the Excel spreadsheet is read and parsed without problems, a confirmation message dialog will be shown. 
  • Click Yes to continue
  • If no error is raised, the ''Import users from Excel'' dialog box is closed. If one or more errors occur, a dialog box is shown in which information is given about each individual error. In this case, the import procedure is canceled. If a warning is shown, the import procedure is completed but you will have to check the warning messages. If you need further assistance with the error, please contact support.
You can find more extensive information about this topic in the Help File in SimaPro by clicking F1. For the basic overview of user management in SimaPro and further tips and tricks, please refer to this page