5 tips for a smoother integration of your SimaPro 9 project to SimaPro Flow

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 There are certain things to keep in mind if you want to move your SimaPro 9 (desktop) project to SimaPro Flow. To keep it simple we have created these 5 tips when modelling and when you want to do the move.

When modelling:

1. Avoid the use of product stages.

  • If you use product stages, the export procedure becomes more complex than with only processes. Keep it simple by only using processes.
2. Use the latest ecoinvent or ILCD substances, and avoid using older substances from ecoinvent 2 or older.
3. At the moment EoL scenarios are not supported in SimaPro Flow. So, it is recommended to not use these for the projects you want to integrate into the SimaPro online platform.
4. If you have copied processes from ecoinvent or another library which is a already available online platform, then you need to change both the product AND the process name (in the description tab in SimaPro 9) before exporting from SimaPro 9.

When exporting:
5. Make sure you have the platform identifiers in your exported .csv.
  • Platform IDs ensures that when the processes are imported to the platform, the right library processes are linked to the right processes.

  • To make sure you have the platform IDs, always check 'include platform IDs' when exporting you project to .csv. Also, when using ecoinvent, preferably use the unit versions of the datasets (from SimaPro 9.1/ei 3.6 Platform IDs will also be included in system versions). 

Hopefully, these tips makes your transition to the SimaPro Online Platform smoother. Please feel free to contact support if you have any questions and check the Getting Started guide for more information about how to import a project to Flow.
Tip! To reduce calculation time, use only one version of ecoinvent consistently (only APOS or only cut-off).